Breaker Responsibilities

Posted 11 months ago

General Duties: Tasked with ensuring that employees receive a 30 minutes lunch/rest break at assigned posts. Work in unison with the Field Supervisor and Quality Control Director to cover any open posts as needed.

 Report for duty physically and mentally fit and in full uniform and with all credentials and equipment to execute duties.

 Upon reporting for duty establish contact with the on duty Field Supervisor via telephone at 202-315-6565 or 202-997-9883 for specific duty assignments.

 Communicate any site challenges observed or brought to your attention by the officer (s) being relieved to the Field Supervisor.

 Maintain contact with the Field Supervisor when arriving and departing a site. Failure to do so can lead to disciplinary action up to termination of position.

 Ensure Break logs are used daily for each officer relieved for their breaks throughout your tour of duty.

 Break logs will be used to validate completed work. Falsification of break logs or requesting officers to falsify break logs will lead to disciplinary action up to termination.

 Time-sheets will be validated based on completed break log and the relieved officer’s confirmation of breaks.



The Field Supervisor is your immediate supervisor and you must take your instructions/directions from him/her.


Preeminent shall pay a minimum of the IRS (.55/mile) mileage reimbursement rate for employees asked to drive between work-sites during their shift or a minimum of $2.00 per location shift if the employee must take public transportation. This shall not include the cost of arriving at the first location or leaving the last location worked in a day.


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